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Working with Veterinarians to Take Care of Beloved Animals

Compounding medications for people is not the only focus of Montana RX Compounders. We help veterinarians and animal care specialists who comprise one of our largest market sectors. Manufacturers usually discontinue medications with low demand. We can obtain the raw pharmaceutical chemicals and reproduce individualized unit doses in any delivery system for your pet. The preparation of these products can rarely be performed at traditional pharmacies. With our additional training and extensive equipment, our innovative staff can help.

Delivering medication to any animal is a difficult task. Finding the proper method is also a challenge. At Montana RX Compounders, we prepare flavored medicines that take the bitterness out of oral treatments and make animal compliance easier. Tuna or liver flavor for cats, chicken, beef, or peanut butter for dogs often aid the administration process.

Topical creams can be used in cats administered via the thin skin in their ears, benefitting the cat by enjoying ear rubs, and the owner benefits with the ease of administration.

Much like humans, animals become challenging to work with when they don't feel well. At Montana RX Compounders, pharmacists and veterinarians work together to improve and maximize the therapeutic success of your livestock, exotic animal, zoo animal, and/or pet.

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