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Patient-centered Care

When your doctor determines that the best treatment for you is through prescription medications, Montana RX Compounders can compound prescribed medicine to meet your specific needs. Sometimes, patients require something different than the standard application. Manufacturers rarely give thought to a patient with special needs, such as sensitivity to synthetic medications or a physician's need to prescribe in lower dosages.


As sensitivities to medications are becoming more prevalent, compounding medications can decrease the number and quantity of inactive ingredients contained in a medication, limiting the chance of an adverse reaction due to allergy or sensitivity.


Pain relief medications can be compounded into ointments for isolated therapy treatment or site-specific treatment. For example, patients suffer from sore throats or dry mouths and can have medication administered through flavored lollipops instead of larger pills.


Often, research has developed new treatments for which no manufactured dose is commercially available. Perhaps the needed drug for treatment at one time was manufactured, but due to low sales and/or market size, production was stopped and will likely never start again. If the manufacturer doesn't produce a drug, it is likely due to profitability issues; therefore, your retail pharmacy may not stock it. With a physician's consent, compounding is a possible solution to meet your specific need if a drug is on a long-term backorder and unavailable through the manufacturer.


Compounding pharmacists can assist physicians, naturopaths, and other providers with information on other ways to administer medications (compared to conventional methods), and tailoring the individual patient's specific needs helps benefit the patient's overall health.


To compound medication for you, we must receive a valid prescription in writing by fax, phone, or electronic prescription from your physician.

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