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Partnering with Physicians to Elevate Patient Care

Only some people respond to the same medications, and as more physicians realize that not every patient has the same-sized shoe, there is a greater need for compounded medications. Most mass-produced medications have limited strengths and dosage forms that only meet the needs of some patients. Other medications are discontinued by the manufacturer for various reasons. Compounding pharmaceuticals fills a genuine need to overcome these obstacles and allows the doctor to adjust dosages to meet the individual patient's particular needs.

For humans, the goal of compounding is getting the medication into the patient with ease and accuracy. When referring to HRT (hormone replacement therapy) treatments, many patients realize that the most effective treatment is through localized topical creams. Arthritic patients who will eventually sustain liver damage due to powerful anti-inflammatory pain medications can benefit from topical creams with medicines in them applied at the pain site. Montana RX Compounders makes creams that allow the patients to gain the benefit from the drug but will bypass the liver. Even sensitive issues such as problems with impotence have been compounded as MTRX prescriptions. Working with our compounding pharmacist provides a more comfortable solution for all patients.

When considering complicated medical solutions, please remember that MTRX can offer customized service and is dedicated to assisting you, the practitioner. Through our organization, we have over a thousand pharmacists worldwide who provide a valued network of experience in all medical fields and are also available for consultation. We invite you to open a discussion or for a more detailed synopsis of how compounding medicines can support and even aid your patients.

Please contact us to discuss your questions and create solutions together.

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